Boca Juniors DLS Kits & Logo 2023-24

Searching for Boca Juniors DLS kits and logo? Here we are going to offer you all the latest URL’s to import your favorite dls kits. The club has officially unveiled their latest dream league soccer kits for the season 2022-23. Boca juniors is an Argentine sports club located in La Boca. The team has won many national and international football competitions. It also wons a honorary title awarded by the Argentine Football Association for their success.

The club has three different kind of kits such as Home kit as a primary kit , Away kit to wear when they play outside the home country and the third kit as an alternate kit. Make sure to import the kits in the recommended size 512×512 only to enjoy your game without any hassle. All the 512×512 kits boca juniors 2023 URL’s are provided here to make it easy for you.

Boca Juniors DLS Logo 2023-24

The logo is generally used to identify the team in various competitions. The professional boca juniors football team has an amazing logo. The logo features new typography and style. The club’s initial “CABJ” written on the logo along with the stars on upper and lower parts of it. Download this classic logo boca juniors dls 23 and represent your team with the brand. You can also customize the logo 512×512 on your favorite kits.

Boca Juniors DLS Logo

Boca Juniors DLS Home Kit 2023-24

The Boca juniors dls home kit was recently launched by the club. The kit comes in a blue base with the Boca’s trademark yellow chest band. The kit consists of a jersey which has a fold down collar in complete yellow gives an amazing look. Grab the kit using the link provided here.

Boca Juniors DLS Home Kit

Boca Juniors DLS Away Kit 2023-24

The away kit dls boca juniors was officially launched. The kit has got a clean look with a blue chest stripe on the white base. White shorts and socks will complete the look of this beautiful away kit. Find the URL here to get it!

Boca Juniors DLS Away Kit

Boca Juniors DLS Third Kit 2023-24

Bring your game more fun with this wonderful third kit boca juniors dream league soccer 2023. The third kit comes in an outstanding design with yellow and blue colorways. Grab the latest 512×512 kits dls boca juniors just by clicking the given URL.

Boca Juniors DLS Third Kit

Boca Juniors DLS Goalkeeper Home Kit 2023-24

Goalkeeper kits are different from the whole team kits. They always look unique to indicate the goalkeeper role in the game. The Gk home kit boca juniors dream league soccer 2023 is used when the team playing in the home country. Download this latest home kit to give your team a new look.

Boca Juniors DLS Goalkeeper Home Kit

Boca Juniors DLS Goalkeeper Away Kit 2023-24

The latest Away kit dls boca juniors has a beautiful design. Playing your favorite game with the fascinating dls kits will give you an amazing experience right! To get this GK away kit,  you just have to copy/paste the URL on your dream league soccer game.

Boca Juniors DLS Goalkeeper Away Kit

Boca Juniors DLS Goalkeeper Third Kit 2023-24

If you are thinking to twist your game into something exciting, you should definitely import all these latest kits boca juniors dream league soccer 2023. Click on the link provided here to get your favorite Gk third kit dls boca juniors.

Boca Juniors DLS Goalkeeper Third Kit

Final words: We provide almost all the teams latest and customized dream league soccer kits and logos. For any other team’s dls kits, feel free to drop a message in the comment section below. We will make it available for you as soon as possible! Keep visiting our website for latest updates.

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