Nottingham Forest FC DLS Kits & Logo 2024-25

The world of online gaming grows each year, with more football fans engaging through creative outlets like Dream League Soccer (DLS). This game allows players to customize and manage their own team, providing an immersive football experience. For avid fans of the English club Nottingham Forest FC, new DLS graphics for the 2024-2025 season offer updated ways to connect with their favorite squad.

Nottingham Forest FC DLS Logo 2024-25

The iconic Nottingham Forest emblem receives a revamped look for the upcoming season. The traditional overlapping N and F letters sit inside a bright red crest accented by vibrant green—the official colors of the club. Crisp definition brings out details like the embroidered pattern surrounding the logo and established founding year of 1865 printed below. This fresh DLS logo gives Nottingham Forest fans new digital gear to proudly showcase their allegiances. Similarly, the modernized PSIS Semarang logo aims to capture the Indonesian club’s spirit through a sleek, contemporary visual identity for dream league soccer fans.

Nottingham Forest FC DLS Logo

Nottingham Forest FC DLS Home Kit 2024-25

Nottingham Forest’s upcoming home kit stays true to their Garibaldi red identity. The deep scarlet color is accented with white details on the shirt and shorts. The collar and sleeve cuffs feature lighter red trimmings, while bold white sponsorship graphics decorate the front of the kit. The fabric, numbers, badges, and logos are rendered with crisp definition, creating a realistic appearance. Fans playing DLS will be excited to see their pixelated players donning this beloved home kit on the pitch.

Nottingham Forest FC DLS Home Kit

Nottingham Forest FC DLS Away Kit 2024-25

Nottingham Forest keeps to their traditional away colors with next season’s away kit appearing in pristine white accented by hits of Garibaldi red. The shirt features a rounded collar and red stripes down the sides, paired with white shorts and socks. This design philosophy is also reflected in the Borneo team’s DLS jersey, which includes glossy sponsor logos with finely rendered textures, resembling true athletic apparel. With clean lines and vibrant accents, this away kit provides crisp new graphics for managing your DLS club in eye-catching contrast colors.

Nottingham Forest FC DLS Away Kit

Nottingham Forest FC DLS Third Kit 2024-25

In an unexpected design choice that departs from standard club colors, Nottingham Forest’s 2024-2025 third kit takes on a bold yellow and blue palette. The vibrant golden shirt combines with dark navy shorts and socks to make a statement on the pitch. Despite featuring unexpected hues, finer details like the embroidered club lettering and founded date maintain ties to Nottingham Forest heritage. DLS players seeking flair and variety can lead their team out in this stylish third kit combination that still rings true to the club’s identity.

Nottingham Forest FC DLS Third Kit

Nottingham Forest FC DLS Goalkeeper Home Kit 2024-25

The home goalkeeper kit of Nottingham Forest showcases a unique green shirt adorned with a striking blazing fire pattern, introducing a bold new design while retaining classic team brand elements such as badges and logos. The flames are intricately detailed with visual elements like heatwaves and smoke trails, enhancing the aesthetic appeal as DLS goalkeepers step onto the pitch in eye-catching team graphics that honor club traditions. Similarly, enthusiasts can explore the vibrant designs and team spirit encapsulated in the Bhayangkara FC Dream League Soccer 24 kits, allowing them to express their support for the team with distinct and captivating virtual attire.

Nottingham Forest FC DLS Goalkeeper Home Kit

Nottingham Forest FC DLS Goalkeeper Away Kit 2024-25

Vibrant colors also feature on Nottingham Forest’s 2024-25 away goalie kit which combines a blaze orange shirt with purple accents, shorts, and socks. The jersey itself displays an eye-catching graphic print of a tree wrapped in ivy—a nod to the Sherwood Forest surroundings of the Nottingham area. Photorealistic rendering creates life-like textures of bark and leaves across the shirt and sleeves, contrasted by sponsor logos and badges polished with subtle shine. While primarily meant for function, this kit allows Nottingham Forest DLS players to mind net with unique style.

Nottingham Forest FC DLS Goalkeeper Away Kit

Nottingham Forest FC DLS Goalkeeper Third Kit 2024-25

Nottingham Forest’s 2024-2025 third goalkeeper kit features an unexpected but stylish aqua blue and black color scheme with artistic prints and photorealistic sleeve graphics. The blue jersey with black shorts and socks displays blended tones and foliage details, upholding heritage through traditional badges and insignia despite unconventional hues. This allows Nottingham Forest DLS goalkeepers to represent the historic club visually in new ways when adopting the third kit on the pitch.

Nottingham Forest FC DLS Goalkeeper Third Kit


Nottingham Forest DLS players gain fresh new aesthetic options to manage and represent their beloved club for the upcoming 2024-2025 season. From re-imagined interpretations of traditional home and away kits to bold third combo designs, these graphics provide eye-catching ways to connect with team heritage. Whether lining up kit designs for the whole squad or just personalizing a goalkeeper’s look, Nottingham Forest fans can lead their pixelated players onto the virtual pitch while upholding their longstanding Garibaldi allegiance.

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