Persik Kediri DLS Kits & Logo 2024-25

The unveiling of Persik Kediri’s DLS kits and logo for the 2024-25 season is a pivotal moment, symbolizing the club’s progress and ambition. This article presents a thorough analysis of these designs, highlighting their cultural relevance and alignment with the club’s future vision. The kits, meticulously crafted, showcase thoughtful color choices and logo placements, embodying the club’s identity and fan pride. Similarly, the new logo, with its modern design elements, represents growth and innovation. These elements not only enhance the club’s visual identity but also unite players, staff, and supporters, furthering the club’s aspirations for success and development.

Persik Kediri DLS Logo 2024-25

The recently unveiled logo of Persik Kediri serves as a visual representation of the club’s heritage and future ambitions. By blending modern design elements with traditional symbols, the logo showcases the club’s commitment to innovation while paying homage to its storied past. This harmonious combination captures both the essence of tradition and the drive for progress that define Persik Kediri as a football club.

Persik Kediri DLS Logo

Persik Kediri DLS Home Kit 2024-25

The home kit for the 2024-25 season is a testament to Persik Kediri’s identity. With its striking colors and design, it encapsulates the team’s spirit and determination. The kit integrates advanced fabric technology, ensuring optimal performance.

Persik Kediri DLS Home Kit

Persik Kediri DLS Away Kit 2024-25

The away kit showcases a sleek and contemporary design. It is crafted to provide comfort and agility, reflecting the club’s dynamic approach to football. The color palette represents the club’s vision of expanding its reach and appeal.

Persik Kediri DLS Away Kit

Persik Kediri DLS Third Kit 2024-25

The third kit is a bold statement of the club’s innovative outlook. It features a unique design, setting it apart from traditional football kits. This kit is a blend of artistic expression and athletic functionality.

Persik Kediri DLS Third Kit

Persik Kediri DLS Goalkeeper Home Kit 2024-25

Designed with the goalkeeper’s needs in mind, the home kit combines advanced protective features with mobility. The design emphasizes the crucial role of the goalkeeper in the team’s defense strategy.

Persik Kediri DLS Goalkeeper Home Kit

Persik Kediri DLS Goalkeeper Away Kit 2024-25

The goalkeeper’s away kit is both visually striking and practically designed. It offers enhanced visibility and is equipped with technology to aid performance under varied playing conditions.

Persik Kediri DLS Goalkeeper Away Kit

Persik Kediri DLS Goalkeeper Third Kit 2024-25

Reflecting a blend of innovation and tradition, the third kit for the goalkeeper is tailored to provide comfort and confidence, embodying the goalkeeper’s pivotal role in guiding the team.

Persik Kediri DLS Goalkeeper Third Kit


The 2024-25 kits and logo of Persik Kediri are more than just sportswear; they are a representation of the club’s ethos, aspirations, and connection to its fans. These kits symbolize a new era for Persik Kediri, one that honors its past while forging a path towards a triumphant future in football.

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