Palmeiras DLS Kits & Logo 2023-24

In this Article, We are going to share you the latest DLS palmeiras kits and logo 2023. Palmeiras is the best  football club in Brazil. It had won 13 national competitions, more than any other club in Brazil. Sociedade Esportiva palmeiras is the full name of this club, but it is famously known by its Nick names verdão (Big Green) and Academia de futebol (Football academy). It has a very good record in Compeonato brasileiro series A.

Football is a very popular game throughout the country and world wide. An ultimate fun can be felt when our dream team playing by wearing those stunning palmeiras DLS kits.

Here there is no waiting, The Brazilian Football Club has officially Announced the latest DLS palmeiras kits and logo for the season 2022-23. The newly released kits are in the 512×512 size. As you all know there are three types of kits that are known as Home, Away and Third kit. The logo is also beautifully designed for this season which we will discuss further. 

Palmeiras DLS Logo 2023-24

The “Logo Dream league soccer 2023 Palmeiras” is very attractive. It is designed with green and white colors. It has eight stars with white color on green background. It contains the letter “P” that represents Palmeiras. The DLS team name palmeiras is beautifully embedded in the logo. It is in the size of 512×512.  Palmeiras logo DLS 2023 looks very stylish with the Red star on top of it. Grab this stunning logo by clicking the given URL.

Palmeiras DLS Logo

Palmeiras DLS Home Kit 2023-24

The DLS home kit looks amazing. The kit is designed with green and white colors however, the major Color is green. Many stripes are there on the kit that appears like palm leaf. The DLS 512×512 kit palmeiras 2023 is very attractive and it is designed by puma which is famous for manufacturing athletic footwear.

Palmeiras DLS Home Kit

Palmeiras DLS Away Kit 2023-24

The palmeiras DLS Away kit 2023 is white and green coloured. It contains palm leaf pattern stripes on it. And it contains the sponsors logo and logo DLS palmeiras. The team wears the away kit, when the match is away from their own state or country.

Palmeiras DLS Away Kit

Palmeiras DLS Third Kit 2023-24

The new palmeiras third kit 512×512 is just launched. It comes with three shades of green. It contains lime green horizontal lines and it has official palmeiras DLS logo. It also has the logo of Puma as it is sponsored by puma . 

Palmeiras DLS Goalkeeper Home Kit 2023-24

The DLS Goalkeeper Home kit is very charming and different from others. It is parrot green in color with different shades of green. The kit contains palmeiras DLS official logo and sponsors logo on it.

Palmeiras DLS Goalkeeper Home Kit

Palmeiras DLS Goalkeeper Away Kit 2023-24

The palmeiras DLS Goalkeeper Away kit will catch your eye, it is very beautiful. The color of the kit is blue. It has palm leaf pattern and DLS logo palmeiras 512×512.

Palmeiras DLS Goalkeeper Away Kit

Palmeiras DLS Goalkeeper Third Kit 2023-24

The DLS GK third kit 2023 is excellent. The color of this 512×512  palmeiras kit is green. There are some lines on the kit and DLS palmeiras logo. It is sponsored by famous brand Puma so, the kit has its logo on it. Download palmeiras dream league soccer kits &logo 2023-24 for your team by using the URL’s provided here. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this Article. If you want to get any further information about DLS palmeiras kits&logo, kindly mention them in the comment section. We will provide the information as early as possible. 

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